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Paul Culbertson My inspirations for counseling are the following: Carl Rogers (person centered), Carl Whitaker (therapy of the absurd), and Sigmund Freud (latent content). The first two broke the mold and brought-forth humanism into psychotherapy (i.e. talking to a counselor). Both also utterly challenged the traditions of the profession.

Regarding Sigmund Freud, his whole concept was to track backwards. What from the past is causing problems in the present? And, exactly why, and how is the past causing one to struggle in the present. It is simply connecting the dots so our lives are less of one big blur; A.K.A. empowerment.

Many if not most people were not born having the Golden Egg of Protection - perfect parents, a perfect childhood, and chronic safety and happiness. Therefore, it is important that we identify negative patterns which stem from original mistreatments.

I draw heavily on sincerity, human connection (with dignity as the centerpiece), Psychoeducation (providing insight of psychological material/concepts), and intense analysis regarding themes, to include their origins and contributing/causal factors (ie. "Why do these things keep happening to me?"; "Why can't anything work right for me?"). Goals: self-understanding, self-forgiveness, self-acceptance, self-love.

The ultimate goal for me is Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP). What is this? This is for traumatized people to exercise his or her "trust muscle". Horses possess the ability for deep and sensitive bonds, and even the ability to read different energies. This would be the ultimate tool under my model - trusting and bonding with a sensitive and gentle giant.

Treatment Approach:

- Person Centered; authenticity, human energy connection (chemistry), internal revelations.

- Therapy of the Absurd; expressive/experiential therapy, solution focused, the use of imagery and key words.

- Specializing in trauma.

- Existentialism; greater meaning, self-understanding/appreciation, advocacy.

- Psychoeducation; a fancy word for sharing knowledge gained from this profession to equip you with tools to aid your personal growth; You may be availed to similar theoretical understandings of those within the profession - in-short, "the inside scoop" to hopefully help yourself as needed (i.e. equipping).

- Holistic picture sought; mind, body, with the essence ("soul") being supreme.

- Familiar with medication management integration (psychiatric medications/treatments in union with therapy when appropriate). For example, the presence of adrenaline (PTSD) may not likely be overcome via therapy alone, regarding functioning (work, relationships, sleep) and overall quality of life.

- Family Systems; we subconsciously internalize the system which launched us - identifying flaws of this system, and how these flaws have affected us is critical to moving forward (credit Jerry T. Wise, MA, MS, CLC).

- Populations Served: Trauma/PTSD; Depression; Anxiety; ADHD (all types); and Autism; Adults, Families and Couples; Male/Female/Transgender.

- I do not discriminate regarding race, religion, or sexuality; Treatment is geared to the essence of the person (inner-voice), not the external biological shell (presenting body, race, socioeconomic class, etc.).

Carl Rogers:

Carl Whitaker (sorry for the poor video quality, his previous visual materials are virtually non-existent - perhaps monetized - I'm currently seeking a subscription service for them)





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